Canary Audio

Canary is an American company that manufactures a full line of high-end audio electronics and accessories. Making quality music is our only business.

We love music. We love music best when it brings out the things we love when we hear it live. Orchestras sound big with well defined sections that together produce enough colour to make Picasso blush. Rock shakes up your insides so those rolling stones become 24-carat jewels. Jazz has the pace and clarity to reveal what kind of blue you’re mastering.

In fifty years, the formula for good sound hasn’t really changed. It’s the execution both in the design and the manufacture that has changed. You have to be willing to build carefully and maximise the strengths as well as minimise the weaknesses of your design choices.

All Canary products are built around the highest quality parts and components. We use highest quality capacitors, 2% metal film resistors, carefully matched tubes, Teflon coated silver point to point wiring, and custom wound ultra-high quality power and output transformers.

At Canary, we want every detail to count.