NoBusiness Records

NoBusiness Records is a record label from Vilnius, Lithuania that specialises in free jazz and improvised music.

It was founded by Valerij Anosov and Danas Mikailionis in 2008. In Lithuania everything is somewhat more manageable. If two with extravagant taste in music want to meet, then they meet up. Valerij Anosov and Danas Mikailionis met at the record store »Thelonious«, the only record shop in Vilnius, that offered records beyond the mainstream. This was followed by joint concerts in Lithuania’s capital. Jazz was the denominator.

In 2008 when Mats Gustafsson played on a session organized by Valerij Anosov and Danas Mikailionis, the famous saxophonist encouraged them in their decision to strat their own label. So »The Vilnius Explosion«, a replay of the performance of Mats Gustafsson together with Lithuanian musicians has been the first release of the label. Since then more than 250 CD and LP releases followed.

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