An interview with Danas Mikailionis, co-founder and owner of NoBusiness records.

Free jazz and improvised music have a small but very dedicated audience around the world. NoBusiness records was founded in 2008. With more than a hundred releases to date, has become established in the world of this non-commercial genre. Co-founder Danas Mikailionis expressed his passion and dedication to this exciting musical world, in a conversation with Eligo Audio Culture. A very modest record label that, in most of their releases, succeeds in bringing the musicians “Live” in your listening room with top quality sound recordings.

The Three Pillars of Good Sound Quality by Origin Live

The Three Pillars of Good Sound Quality for beginners and Audiophile experts. An article that helps to simplify and clarify a complex subject which is the “good sound quality”. Different aspects of sound, same as different genres of music, draw different people in. The article provides food for thought in what makes good sound quality from a subjective point of view. This is a huge subject of course but sometimes new ways of looking at things can provide all sorts of breakthroughs.

Mark Baker, founder of Origin Live on a thorough interview about the design, the research and the aim to recreate the original sound through his turntables

In a period when the vinyl market was in a serious decline, Mark Bakers’ decision to develop turntables was a matter of principle and judgement. The principle was that he wanted to offer the ultimate quality of music playback, regardless of convenience, market or group think. This interview is a MUST read for every vinyl and music lover.

Orchestra Baobab (Copyright © Adamantios Kafetzis)

Orchestra Baobab, one of the most long-lasting bands in Africa continue spreading the idea of pan-africanism around the world

The first formation of the legendary band was created in 1970 at the Miami club in Dakar and after a while, with the addition of new members, they moved to the Baobab club where they took their name from. Most of the old members passed away but the band continues with new members and setting new targets for the future. Their concerts are an unforgettable experience for the audience. We had the chance to speak with them after their concert in Athens, September 1st, 2022.

Kham Meslien (Copyright © Marine Brehin)

Kham Meslien’s debut solo album shows us the narrative dimension of the double bass

An interview with Kham Meslien about his new project “Fantômes​.​.​. Futurs” that is coming out today. His double bass vibrates deeply into the soul! Real and Honest music, a fine mix of power and gravity. A superb release by Heavenly Sweetness, including a featuring with Anthony Joseph.