Orchestra Baobab (Copyright © Adamantios Kafetzis)

Orchestra Baobab: An interview with the legendary group from Senegal

One of the most long-lasting bands in Africa continue spreading the idea of pan-africanism around the world

Various Artists – Rumba Rules O.S.T.

The official soundtrack of the 2021 ‘Rumba Rules, New genealogies’ documentary movie by Congolese artist Sammy Baloji and Quebec filmmaker David Nadeau-Bernatchez, released by Secousse

Tia Blake and her Folk-Group – Folksongs & Ballads

Originally released only in France in 1971, Ici Bientôt is very pleased to present the first ever reissue on vinyl

Kham Meslien (Copyright © Marine Brehin)

Kham Meslien’s debut solo album shows us the narrative dimension of the double bass

An interview with Kham Meslien about his new project “Fantômes​.​.​. Futurs”

Brian Auger & The Trinity – Far Horizons – The Trinity Box Set

Far Horizons is the ultimate compilation of the ground-breaking, unique jazz/R&B/pop group Brian Auger & The Trinity

Damon Locks - Black Monument Ensemble

Damon Locks is a visual artist, educator, vocalist, musician, and deejay known for decades of different projects in Chicago’s underground music scenes

Jaimie Branch

(June 17, 1983 – August 22, 2022)

Charles Stepney – Step on Step

Double LP collection of home recordings marking the de-facto eponymous debut album by enigmatic producer, arranger, and composer Charles Stepney

Jack McDuff – Live at Parnell’s

An unreleased 1982 live album by the legendary US jazz organist ‘Brother’ Jack McDuff and the first new music by McDuff in decades

krajenski. – B-3 Vol.1

Krajenski break new ground even if the old path of the Hammond-infected Blue Note refinement always remains in view

Raymond Byron – Bond Wire Cur

Using ancient ingredients these little vignettes grow sneakily large and become some new kind of food

Carlos Niño & Friends – Extra Presence

Unique, highly developed, self-described “Spiritual, Improvisational, Space Collage” sound

The Pyramids – AOMAWA: The 1970s Recordings

Brand new 4LP box set bringing together the incredible 1970s recordings of Afrofuturism pioneers The Pyramids

Linda Ayupuka – God Created Everything

Pulsing electro Fra Fra and DIY afro-gospel

Dirtee Curt – Dry Water Wet Land

Raw delivery and personal lyricism with faithfully innovative, late ’90s/early ’00s inspired, sample-laden hip hop

Tumi Mogorosi – Group Theory: Black Music

A stunning new statement from South African drummer and composer Tumi Mogorosi

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Audio Solutions

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