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Mototeru Takagi Quartet – Live At Little John, Yokohama 1999

The three horn players play with an unfettered freedom, wrapping lines across each other over the spare undercurrent of Koyama’s drums.

Mark de Clive-Lowe, Shigeto & Melanie Charles – Hotel San Claudio

A collaborative LP of spiritual jazz and live deconstructed beats

Fuji-Yuki – One Butoh

A musical immersion into the most exciting avant-garde dance style of the past century.

Various Artists – Borga Revolution! Ghanaian Music In The Digital Age, 1983 – 1996 (Volume 2)

The phenomenon of ‘Burger Highlife’, a crossover of West African melodies with synthesizers, disco and boogie

WAAN – Echo Echo

WAAN represents the musical marriage of seasoned saxophonist Bart Wirtz and keyboard wiz Emiel van Rijthoven.

Tuusanuuskat – Toiminnan Aattona

An experimental cocktail that sounds like two drunken masters of music, conducting the protons and neutrons travelling from their instruments to their skulls and back.

Welcome to the Planet of ZYX

The new ‘Ultimate Exceed’ range of moving coil cartridges from ZYX get us even closer to the real, live musical event.

Charlie Stacey – The Light Beyond Time

Charlie Stacey fuses jazz-piano virtuosity with dark synth, a direct-to-disc, one take recording for Night Dreamer Records.

Phil Ranelin, Wendell Harrison - Jazz Is Dead 16

Wendell Harrison and Phil Ranelin, are still active in the Detroit jazz community, and act as global ambassadors for the Tribe legacy.

Henry Franklin - Jazz Is Dead 14

A native of Los Angeles, Henry Franklin came of age while the city was producing a crop of exciting jazz talent.

Vusi Mahlasela, Norman Zulu, Jive Connection – Face to Face

Strut revives a lost recording of Vusi Mahlasela, Norman Zulu and Swedish jazz / soul collective Jive Connection.

Nathan Davis with Georges Arvanitas Trio – Live in Paris, The ORTF Recordings 1966/67

A never-before released Nathan Davis with Georges Arvanitas Trio 1966/67 live recordings - Official release by Sam records

Donald Byrd & Bobby Jaspar – Cannes ’58

A never-before released Donald Byrd & Bobby Jaspar 1958 live recordings - Official release by Sam records

Chapter Seven – Thums Up

The jazz group Chapter Seven‘s debut album is now being released on vinyl, by Caprice records

Jazz Furniture – Jazz Furniture

Caprice releases Jazz Furniture’s milestone of an album as a luxurious 180g double vinyl set

Dezron Douglas – ATALAYA

ATALAYA is new work by bassist Dezron Douglas, and it is alive

The Pyramids

Incredible 1970s recordings of Afrofuturism pioneers The Pyramids, led by saxophonist Idris Ackamoor

Don Cherry - Live in Stockholm

Don Cherry’s ”live” feeling remains in these recordings that were made in the ABF house in Stockholm, autumn 1968

Free Jazz Communism

Archie Shepp – Bill Dixon Quartet – Free Jazz Communism

The new edition of Free Jazz Communism with the reprint of the entire script of Archie Shepp’s play The Communist (Junebug Graduates Tonight: A Jazz Allegory)

Eligo Audio Culture

Mark Baker, founder of Origin Live on a thorough interview

In a period when the vinyl market was in a serious decline, Mark Bakers' decision to develop turntables was a matter of principle and judgement

Guts – Estrellas

A cross-section of covers and original compositions – exists as a homage to Afro-Cuban music

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On the audio equipment we propose, every record sounds spectacular

Various Artists – John Sinclair Presents Detroit Artists Workshop

A 5-year project researching the archives of author, DJ and activist John Sinclair

Revival Audio promises the Next Level listening experience

Perfect true listening experiences through products of decades-accumulated craftsmanship

Orchestra Baobab (Copyright © Adamantios Kafetzis)

Orchestra Baobab: An interview with the legendary group from Senegal

One of the most long-lasting bands in Africa continue spreading the idea of pan-africanism around the world

Etsuro Urushi

Excel Sound and Dai-Ichi Shoji jointly planned and developed the Etsuro series high-end MC cartridge

Kham Meslien (Copyright © Marine Brehin)

Kham Meslien’s debut solo album shows us the narrative dimension of the double bass

An interview with Kham Meslien about his new project “Fantômes​.​.​. Futurs”

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