Flexibility, Seriousness & Experience

Bassocontinuo was founded in a small laboratory in Bergamo (ITALY) in 2008. Thanks to perseverance and experience, during the years makes its way on international markets, apparently overflowed. Since the beginning our core business is based on two main factors: we have a scientific approach on vibrations problem (cooperating with a very important independent laboratory which makes accelerometric analysis) and we are strongly “design oriented” because each rack it’s first of all a furniture (so it has to be nice to see).

We are strongly connected with our territory: we’re cooperating with tens of workshops and artisans which like to create unique objects, helping us to bring our italianity around the world. We’re “made in Italy” ambassador and we’re very proud of it.

Actually we’re working on 1.200 sqm with a quality control department to check any single piece: nothing is left to chance. We strongly believe into research and cooperation: we’ve very important consultant who are helping us to set up any detail. We head towards on innovation and a perfect combination between performance and aesthetic.

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