Top Wing White Signal Superfine RCA Cable with FLUX 1.5m

Top Wing

White Signal RCA cables

Type: RCA Cable

Top Wing White Signal Superfine RCA Cable with FLUX 1.5m


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Item Description

TOP WING White Signal RCA is an RCA line cable utilising TOP WING FLUX. While highlighting TOP WING FLUX performance, the finished cable product fully enriches sound quality.

Utilised in the connectors are trusted plugs (XLR’s Neutrik; RCA’s Amphenol). In addition, a specially selected sheath material is used to protect the outer skin of the TOP WING FLUX and provide appropriate damping.

The solder is an amalgam of European RoHS-compliant material containing 3% silver and 0.4% copper, with excellent mechanical stability and sound quality. TOP WING FLUX is exceedingly difficult to make because each of the core wires measures 29 AWG. For that reason, the product is manufactured in Japan by skilled craftspeople with a wealth of experience in cable production.

When the cable is shipped out, each cable’s continuity is tested, and Telos QBT technology is employed in the cable burn-in process. The thin wire diameters of TOP WING FLUX reduce the time required for burn in, and Telos QBT ensures ideal sound quality and density in all frequency bands — with rich audio quality at lower frequencies — from day one.


White Signal RCA 1.5m pair

Electrical Characteristics([email protected])
Cond. Impedance:84mΩ
Shield Impedance:65mΩ
Capacitance(Cond. to Shield):635pf