Reed Source 12V power supply is dedicated for powering hi-end audio equipment.


Source 12V Power Supply

Cat No: R-SRC

Reed Source 12V power supply is dedicated for powering hi-end audio equipment.


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Item Description

Usually equipment is powered from the mains – 240VAC – 110VAC alternating current electric power supply, and then current is converted to direct (DC) using linear or switching converters. Quite often mains supply voltage is noisy and cluttered with interference from a surrounding electrical power users. This interference may pass through converters and can have quite strong negative impact to hi-end audio equipment performance. A solution for this problem could be Reed Source 12V – battery power supply, which accumulates energy in two nickel-metal hydride (NiMh) battery modules.

When one Source’s battery is charging, other one is used for supplying power to a connected equipment. This active battery is always galvanically isolated from charging circuit. It means that energy recipients are totally decoupled from noisy AC power grid.

Reed Source 12V automatically switches “charge-discharge” mode between battery modules, has charge and discharge level measurement and automatic safety features.

Reed Source 12V also can be used as a stand-alone device and operate with no battery charger connected. It will operate and power your equipment until both battery modules will be discharged to a certain level. To avoid complete battery discharge, which may have a negative impact to their service time, supply output will be disconnected. Each battery module’s status is indicated by two LED indicators. Green LEDs indicate that battery is charged and number of bars shows remaining charge percentage. Orange LED color shows that battery is charging and bar number indicates the battery charge level. Single red LED bar shows that battery is completely discharged and it could be used only after it is properly charged.


Input voltage: 18VDC (via 240VAC – 110VAC adapter)
Max input current: 3A
Battery type: Nickel-metal hydride (NiMh)
Battery capacity: 2.2 Ah (total capacity – 4.4 Ah)
Output voltage: 12V DC (-17.5%, +20%)
Max output current: 1.5A