Acoustic Revive (Japan) – RCA 1.0 TripleC-FM 1m interconnect cables. PC-TripleC (Pure Copper-Continuous Crystal Construction) is the world’s first specialized audio conductor made by groundbreaking technologies. It adopts OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) removed impure substance of micron grain.

Acoustic Revive (Japan)

RCA 1.0 TripleC-FM cables

Type: RCA Cable

Acoustic Revive (Japan) – RCA 1.0 TripleC-FM 1m interconnect cables. PC-TripleC (Pure Copper-Continuous Crystal Construction) is the world’s first specialized audio conductor made by groundbreaking technologies. It adopts OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) removed impure substance of micron grain.


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Item Description

Highest quality signal cable Acoustic Revive RCA 1.0 Triple C-FM

PC-TripleC (Pure Copper-Continuous Crystal Construction) is the world’s first specialised audio conductor made by groundbreaking technologies. It adopts OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) removed impure substance of micron grain. By forging, OFC is densified its crystal architecture up to 80% to improve its conductor density to utmost limit and also make it in the same direction of grain boundary.

Cable structure with all the extravagance

The ideal of a cable lies in how there is no transmission loss or alteration. In other words, it is cableless. There is no cable in the world that improves the sound quality. Changing the cable and changing the sound quality is only in the form of this transmission loss and transmission deterioration.

ACOUSTIC REVIVE aims to be cableless.

In order to eliminate transmission loss and transmission deterioration, ACOUSTIC REVIVE has achieved the ideal cable structure by co-developing with a multi-disciplinary material specialist manufacturer without being obsessed with the existing concept of making cables.

In particular, for the single-wire conductor that affects sound quality, we adopted the world’s first forged manufacturing method, PC-Triple C, and made it elliptical with the cooperation of FCM Co., Ltd. to eliminate the resonance peculiar to the single wire.

The Teflon-coated flexible copper tube, which realises flexible handling that does not seem like a single-line cable while securing overwhelming shielding characteristics for the shield, was jointly developed with Shinagawa Shoko Co., Ltd., realising air insulation and charging. Co-developed a natural silk tube to prevent it with Ebisawa, and in addition to a damping structure using a combination of dissimilar metals for the connector, a screw-fastening type that suppresses sound quality deterioration due to solder was jointly developed with Matsugane Co., Ltd. It has an unparalleled luxury structure in which new materials are completely handmade.

Most commercially available XLR balanced cables have a 2-core shield structure, but the ACOUSTIC REVIVE XLR balanced line cable has a 3-core shield structure that achieves perfect balanced transmission.

Air floating structure that does not interfere with energy transmission

It is said that the cable has some kind of energy transmission in addition to the original current transmission. It is thought that this energy transmission is also related to the fact that the sound is output from the speaker when the cable is hit, but in the past cable manufacturers, conversely, the vibration of the cable itself was thoroughly suppressed, such as cotton and PP band. It was killing the energy transmission of the cable by wrapping it up or filling it with rubber or resin. Actually, this was the cause of the sound being suppressed and without energy.
In ACOUSTIC REVIVE, by providing an air layer around the conductor, we have achieved overwhelming cut-out, openness, and sound quality with an outstanding energy feeling.

Developed a natural silk tube that brings life to life without harming sound quality

The cushioning tube for providing the air layer does not harm the sound quality, but on the contrary, it gives life to a natural silk tube with the cooperation of Japan’s largest silk maker Hasegawa Shoten Co., Ltd. and Ebisawa of the manufacturing plant. I got it and developed it. The material near the conductor has a great influence on the sound quality, and PVC is the worst.

Flexible Teflon coated copper tube shield with perfect side effect and no side effects

Braided wire has been commonly used for shields. This braided shield was actually full of gaps, even with a high braiding rate, and it was impossible to achieve a perfect shielding effect. Braided wires also generate stray currents that are as complicated as stranded wires, which adversely affects the original signal transmission such as incidental sounds and distortion. It seems that this is a superstition that non-shielded sound is better than shielded cable. There was also a cable with a shield made of aluminum foil in some parts, but since aluminum has a strong reverberation, the accompanying sound and distortion are generated, and it is a drawback that it has a strong timbre. did.

This time, we used flexible Teflon-coated copper pipe as a shield material, which is much thicker than the foil newly developed by Shinagawa Shoko Co., Ltd.

As a result, in addition to the overwhelming shielding characteristics that do not generate peculiar habits, incidental sounds, and distortions, which are incomparable to conventional braids and foils, we have gained tremendous flexibility far superior to stranded cables.

CSF tube that provides radiant noise reduction, electromagnetic wave absorption effect, and double shield effect

On the outermost circumference of the cable, we have adopted a CSF tube (already sold separately!) that was developed jointly with SF tube maker Shinagawa Shoko Co., Ltd., which has been modified to be acoustically optimal and contains carbon up to the production limit. As a result, in addition to the double shield effect combined with the copper foil Teflon tube, we have realised the effect of cutting the radiant noise generated from the cable itself and the electromagnetic wave absorption effect.

Newly developed plugs to maximise the excellent cable structure!

No matter how good the wire or structure of the cable is, if the essential plugs are poor, good sound quality will never be obtained. Did you know that cable manufacturers that sell high purity and elaborate structures use plugs with really poor materials and structures? ACOUSTIC REVIVE has developed a new plug maker and the best plugs for perfection.

This time, the greatly upgraded XLR-1.0TripleC-FM adopts the original solderless screw-on type Canon connector newly developed in cooperation with the plug manufacturer.

The connectors used in conventional balance cables have solder joints at the cable joints, but the solder has significantly deteriorated conduction characteristics, which is the largest cause of sound quality deterioration. There are many solders on the market that are said to be audio grade, but unfortunately any sound quality produced in Japan cannot prevent deterioration of the sound quality.

Therefore, in acoustic revive, with the cooperation of plug makers, we have newly developed the first cannon connector with a cable joint screwed in the balanced type.

For the cable joint, the phosphor bronze contact with excellent conductivity is surface-polished to increase the contact area and the surface is plated with silver + rhodium to prevent aging and improve durability. In order to further enhance the conductivity, it has been subjected to an ultra-low temperature treatment of -196 degrees and boasts unprecedented conductivity characteristics. In addition, the machined body of aviation-grade aluminum alloy has a superior damping effect that further improves quality and achieves ultimate sound quality. The XLR-1.0TripleC-FM is a vast and unprecedented sound field and sound localisation with excellent visibility, low range with excellent damping characteristics, no incidental sound or noise, and extremely high quality that makes you illusion that the cable has disappeared. Will give you a realistic texture.